Tuesday, November 30, 2010

aktuwal na utot..(live Fart) part 2

fart2Its first time for me to actually see a live fart on national television. As you can see on my previous post on live fart (part 1) were known celebrity and political leader farted in front of many people or thousands of people. Actually, when I watched it I couldn't imagine how I would handle if i'm in that situation? Maybe I will be losing my  mind and never talked again and just walk out. :))

Well, as promised on previous post..here's the second part of live fart.

Known person on this video are:

Gordon Brown
Anne Robinson

aktuwal na utot..(live Fart)

Live Weather forecaster for live Fart???

Gordon Brown fart live on TV!

Newscaster Farts!

Anne Robinson (or cohost) does MASSIVE FART on LIVE TV!

1 comment:

  1. ayus tong website na to ah..puro ututan ng ututan eh..kakatuwa yung weather forecaster ahahahaha!!!!


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