Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jejemon Jokes and meanings

Jejemon word translation
Jejemon word translation is a translation where words are being distort so that it will have a different look but still same meaning.
Jejemon words are hard to understand by others depend on its level of being Jeje word. There are for beginner, intermediate and expert level.

Examples/List of Jeje Quotes (From Internet):

  • He he he  = jejeje.. jejo: awk0wz z jeij0wz.. ajejejeje.. =)) =)) =))
  • Great = Gr8
    Wait  = w8
    later = l8r

    Jejemon Joke

    NP Presidential candidate Manny Villar says he violated no law. Maybe his opponents are just jejemonizing him. :p

    jejemon sa eleksyon

    “May tumatakbo palang jejemon sa eleksiyon. Si Jejemon Binay.”

Not a filipino and can't relate? Please use the google translator on the upper right side of this page.

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