Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mayabang na japanese joke

A Japanese rides a taxi going to the airport. Along the way, he saw an Isuzu truck

Japanese: Ooh..Isuzu truck, made in Japan. Very fast to run ehh!? (Taxi driver nodding)

Again, the Japanese saw a fast Toyota car..

Japanese: Oooh..Toyota car, made in Japan. Very fast to run!!

Taxi Driver: (whispering) yabang mo..

Japanese again saw a Honda sports car..

Japanese: Ooooh…Oooh.. Honda sports car ehh?!! Made in Japan, very fast run!

Taxi arrives at the airport..

Japanese: How much?

Taxi Driver: 2500 Pesos sir.

Japanese: Ha?!? Very big!!

Taxi Driver: Ahhh, my Taxi Meter, made in Japan.. Very fast to run!!

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