Sunday, November 27, 2011

Famouse chinese names jokes

Famouse chinese names:

Born during the night:
  - Andy Lim  (andilim)

Born blnd
  -  Kenneth Sy   (cannot see)

Born Fat
  - Bob Uy    (Baboy)

Born tiny
  - Kathy Ting  (katiting)

Born different
  - Eva Yan   (iba yan)

Born on sunday
  - Lyn Go   (linggo)

Born with picture
  - Lara Wan

Born with sweets
  - ken Di

Born secretly
  - Tina Go  (tinago)

Born maniac
  - Hayden Kho

Born normal
  - Nat Ting Wrong (nothing wrong)

Born abnormal
  - Sam Ting Wrong  (something wrong)

Born ugly
  - Eddie Yu  (edi you

Born  cute
   - Mi Yun  (mi yun)

Kuha nyo ba ang jokes na ito?? ha ha ha.. Go send mo na sa mga friends mo..heheeh..

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