Sunday, May 6, 2012

KNP Funny Video Collection: Malaysian Michael and cry

Malaysian Idol's Michael Jackson. I have a great laugh when I watched this clip so I decided to keep it as a collection for Kulitan Ng Pinoy funny video collection.

Malaysian Billie Jeans Misheard Lyrics

She was more like a beaty queen and move machine
I shaved yo momma what tu yoo mean?
I am the oaoaoane!
Who will dance on the floor in the round
She say I am the wand
Who will dance on the floor
In the round
She told my hair-name was Billie Jean
And Squashed Machines
They never had an icecream
Wee in the one
Peeple always tole me
Be careful over you!
What? Tall man break young girls' arm?

And an ottter also told me
The be careful over you
Becomes the Drew
The Village inn
its not my loove!
She just a girl
Hulks hands!
Hire the one
But the pig is be not my son
Cheezeain higher than one!
but the kids is be not my son
The Billie Jean
Is not my lamb
The Billlie Jean
Is not my lammmmb
The Billie Jean
Is not my laaeaarrrmmmmmb
The Billie Jean
Is not my leeeeeearrrrrrrrmmmmmmggghbb
Yo, babes, thank-you!

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