Thursday, January 12, 2017

Desisyon ng nanay joke

Desisyon ng nanay joke

Sa bus. Nagpapa-dede ang isang misis sa kanyang anak pero ayaw dumede ang bata.

MISIS: (galit) Kung ayaw mong dumede, ibibigay ko 'to sa lalakeng katabi ko!

After 20 minutes, ayaw pa din dumede ang bata.

MISIS: (mas lalong nagalit) Ayaw mong dumede, huh? Ibibigay ko na talaga 'to dito sa lalakeng katabi ko!

LALAKE: Misis, kailangan mo nang magdesisyon. Kanina pa ako dapat bumaba, eh.

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On the bus. Dede goes for a wife for his son, but not suckle the child.

SPLIT: (angry) If you do not want to suckle, give 'to the man next to me!

After 20 minutes, would still suckling the child.

SPLIT (even more angry) can not suckle, huh? I will give you really here to the man next to me!

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